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TOPIC: Eteamsys Brussel’s event April 23th, Digital Performance Day with Google, Hubspot, Facebook & Semrush. Visit Eteamsys website here

Starting the Digital Performance Day in Brussels, Mike Mitchell Eteamsys CEO presents is company as introduction, Eteamsys is a full-service agency since 2011 specialized in visibility and digital performance, this is a data driven wen agency. This is a creative data driven agency, based on omni canal journey strategy & tactics. The best “contact point” to pull the customer to buy is the most important key. Customer experience is sum of positive and negative contacts points and should be equal to zero or even better… more. The difficulty to find the best “contacts points” to engage and develop your campaign in the right way. The data marketing is important, 10% to collect ad 90% to analyze it as said by Mike Mitchell.

Then George Cordewiener, Senior Digital Strategist by Eteamsys, presents the 4 visionary digital partners, Google, Hubspot, Facebook and Semrush.

Digital world has evolved more in these 5 last years than 50 years before and the four keynotes here after will make the point about how to perform better in the 2019 digital world of today.

1)  Google keynotes:

First partner & speaker, Thiery Geerts CEO Google Belgique.

Digitalis, the full connected world will grow and one day the whole people in the world will be connected. He explains the impact of the mobile in our life, at wakeup, this is the first object that we touch and use to organized our coming day. One point about artificial intelligence, thanks to it we have a better help in our search (web, map, etc…) than 3 year before. The world to imagine is to have computer object around us which are understood what we want without typing, only with voice. Google investing all his development in artificial intelligence to connect things together (weather, agenda, locations,…) to provide a great user experience. The same will be for every commercial digital powered in the future by artificial intelligence.

He makes a joke with “Is it a cookie or a Chiuahua ?”,difficulty today for an AI to make difference between these cute dogs and juicy cookies. It will evolve is the right way to find right picture in your picture library.

Today we are in the fourth industrial revolution, today we need to reinvent everything with available technology. The source of the digital/industrial revolution is the “knowledge”. We have to do something for human being with human being intelligence, in the center of the processes. He show the case of the evolution of the car, today we don’t have to think about evolution but to reinvent the cat completely (electric, autonomy, rented…). He uses the parallel of the dematerialization of the music today, few years ago we were proud of physical discs in our collection, today we virtualized our passion and musical discs. We go to buying music and using music (Spotify for example). For the car we changed from owning a car versus using a car. Same for the bank (physical swap from digital and multi service today). Big question is how to reinvent our business today? In the past, our shopping contact in the shop nearby was knew all the things that I need. Today, in mass merchant, this is really complicate to find information about our needs. People in mass merchant are trained to put in the shelves, not to help and explain products or give advices. Web shop is the digitalization of the physical mass-merchant. Amazon give better advice on things that you like or potentially will like and better than an owner advice form a physical real shop.

There are 3 great rules for digitalization: personalized, seamless and fast. The full customers experience is the key to buy something, not only the price. To have a very friendly eShopping app or UI makes the difference there. That’s way we can collect more customers.

Video become the communication standard. Video should be done in a permanent way. Making natural communication with customers or collaborators to talk about your products e-and services. The “how-to” is a real usage channel. Evolution is more a cultural problem than technology itself. In Belgium we are late, personally we are hyperconnected but not the company in their professional channels. We are buying in Belgium 70% outside of the country because of that. As we are living in Digitalis (without frontier), we really need 

“Our dreams are too small. We can conquer the world even if we are small.”

Read the book “Digitalis” from Thierry Geerts, edition Lannoo (NL/ENG) – Racine (FR).

2)  Hubspot keynotes:

Second partner & speaker, Audrey Jaspart, EMEA Sales Engineering Manager at HubSpot.

The start of Facebook, 2006, 13thyears ago. Same year Twitter rises… and we think that we have always live with. Time goes fast and faster. Audrey explains that Hubspot has evolved from an app to a platform to help user to create unbound digital marketing. The key to attract, engage & delight. By using inbound marketing you attract customer to you, but only lead that you want to engage on your products or services, for that customer we need to be “customer’s centric”. This is not around the brand or corporate but around your customers. More you know your customers, more you will be efficient. Inbound is adding value, every time, everywhere but if you really know your customers and target. Customers experience is to make the focus on your customer, not on your brand. What will be an exceptional customer experience ? How can we provide and exceptional experience to your customer’s?

Growing guide is : attract, engage, nurture, conclude and the fidelize.

  1. How to attract ? Are we able to provide the right content ? Are we able to personalize ? (The right content at the right time and right place, for example, we are 50’ on Facebook today).
  2. How to engage ? Offering conversions points, not only contact’s formulary to feed. Like: Call to action, intelligent forms, contextual window, chat.
  3. How to lead to nurturing ? Install a notation system (numbers, stars, codes…). This is very important to design this quotation system with commercial, marketing team to avoid to catch a “cold” lead (not the right target). The game is to make evolve a cold lead to a warm lead. To automatize these leads can help you to react faster and be sure that the mix between sales and marketing will be efficient.
  4. Conclude, make a sale and fidelize push your inbound marketing to the future.

For the future, good practices of Inbound marketing, like KISS : Keep is simple and stupid.

Trick #1:Make a market study to define a “buyer persona”, this is a semi-fictionary ideal buyer profile. Talk to your customers, talk to your commercial teams, get trends from the markets to define directly your buyer persona. Visit https://www.hubspot.com/make-my-personaa free to tool to define your buyer persona.

Trick #2:Communicate with different level of content regarding your buyer persona.

3 level:
1) consciousness, 2) consideration and 3) decision step.

In the decision step you really want to talk to a commercial, not before.

Tricks #3:Create a content strategy adapted to the 3 levels of needs from your buyer persona.

Tricks #4:Create a content strategy, qualitative instead of quantitative and make conversion points, making call to action. Stay simple, easy message can help to improve the click and the call to action. Then define what you want to get back (email address, name, interests,..) this is important to keep your formulary clean and epurate without layout distraction. The goal there is to collect nothing else. The thanks page s also important because this helps to move from consciousness to consideration about your target and make moving to the real buying process.

Contact Audrey at ajaspart@hubspot.com

3)  Facebook keynotes:

Third partner & speaker, Maxime Louis, Partner Manager at Facebook.

His role is to help corporate to perform better as possible by the use of the right tools and platform on Facebook.

  1. Facebook evolution & trends:Facebook, Audience network, Instagram, Oculus, Workplace and WhatsApp. Facebook & Audience Network are compatible when use together. 1 milliard users on Instagram. People are using Facebook a large time a day, this is the ideal window to catch attention of the users during their social personal journey. Those platforms are dedicated today to performance, not only like a branding window. Big trends on FB are: text from pictures, to video and then to AR/RA. Instragram stories are the more use channels on Instagram, from 100 million in 2016 to 1 milliard in 2018
  2. Performance solution on FB:Online conversion, linked to commercial offer from your eShop reported through Instagram to convert Facebook or Instagram user to convert. Selling products through FB, IST and Oculus. With dynamic ads, we can make a link with the eShop base. Today, 90% of physical buy are influenced by digital touch points for 55%. Facebook propose a special advertising format to localize the shops around you.
  3. How to measure the success?Choosing the right KPI’s: engage, traffic on site, shopping basket add and buy. What is the KPI’s which give you the best value? This is key to use all the platform available to push the marketing action with complementary platforms. 35% users say that social network are the source of their research then on the web. 19% create additional organic search and 10% paid visits search more. With the right KPI you can make test & learn to add value to your advertising campaign. “Split testing” from Facebook via Ads Managers can helps user to test his campaign with selected KPI’s.

His conclusion are:

  1. To use the right indicators
  2. Think mobile & video
  3. Test and learn make auto-challenging
  4. Using complementary channels

4) Semrush keynotes:

Fourth partner & speaker, Anna Kochegura, Marketing & Communications Specialist at Semrush.

Semrush was originally a tools for referencers and now this is the tool kit for marketing digital optimization.  Using data’ driven marketing and not subjective feelings to market your products. The Semrush “Keyword magic tools” allows to list all the internet request of users about question to find answers. With traffic analytic you can analyze and  see all the needed data’s about your activities. With Semrush display advertising you can find other competitive campaigns and take the right decision about your key words. How to optimize your website, with vocal search (50% of search’s activities), features snippets, you can increase your visibility. With PPA (People also Ask), you can see additional question of way to interested and help you to find your answer to your search. Advice are also really important, with small codes in the page it can helps to make these visible on google search results. Using also bad advices in comparison of good advices can give trust feelings to your user and give the right balance to honesty in your communication.

Quality in content creation is really the key of success but it’s takes plenty of time to be build. Se with SEO writing assistant must help you to write (also available as plugin for WordPress). Video or Gif in an email can increase the conversion (CTR) from 200 to 300%.

Then, the optimization of your website is complementary to help good SEO. Semrush’s optimization on-site can help you in that. Backlink management is important to implement, too. Google give priority to secure websites first today (SSL). Google Mobile -first index is arrived. Today, Google use first mobile website version before static one (responsive design is mandatory for convenience). Speed loading should always be well monitored and optimized following the case. 

With social media tracker you can detect publication from your competitors and take right decision in your own SM actions, same features proposed by Semrush for influencers. Facebook ads are lower on mobile that on desktop.

Facebook high performance recommendations:

  1. Target the right audience
  2. Using videos (6-10 sec)
  3. Invest in campaign even with small budget (10-20 euros)
  4. Contents quality first
  5. Combine Facebook Ads with Instagram Ads
  6. Use Fb Audience LOOKALIKE


5 Digital strategy to get more traffic and customers:

  1. Understand your target and listen to your potential’s customers.
  2. Acquire additional visibility in Google results.
  3. Submit amazing and strong content.
  4. Follow performance and health of you website in a continuous way.
  5. Put in place a very good strategy on social networks.

Contact: a.koshegura@semrush.com

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