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TOPIC: Improve social shopping technologies is one of the five key social media trends for brands based on Hootsuite’s annual survey of 3.255 users. Download this report here for free.

Social commerce adoption is coming, with 70% adoption by Chinese millennials & Gen Z, the swipe effect is growing and growing gradually in all the countries of the world. There is a real bridging effect between common eCommerce’s sites and social media networks. Marketing Artist Design [MAD] is helping his customers to move on the right social shopping channel, making the focus on what is really important to make their customer’s social shopping experience a success.

Few facts & figures at a glance:

Three effective takeaways used efficiently by 3 major companies have illustrated this analyze:

  • Instagram’s shoppable post give you the facility to buy without leaving the app. Every month, 130 million fingers tap on an Instagram shopping post to learn more about products.
  • Facebook’s market place, now used in 70 countries by more than 800 million people.
  • Pinterest’s buyable pins, drive conversions, with 55 percent of their customers.
Dior in China use social media like WeChat to make eCommerce

The use of video media is also crucial and very effective to stimulate social media shopper interest especially for fashion and luxury brands, following Hootsuite report “In a study of 5,500 consumers by video marketing company BrightCove, 74 percent of viewers drew a connection between watching a social video and making a purchase”. The key of success is to make shopping more interactive and appealing with the use of mobile device with a big difference advantage, THE social aspect. “Turn written product descriptions into videos, share livestream demonstrations of your products and services, and encourage video testimonials from customers”. The emerging mix of engagements with trust completed with powerful visual or video has created a successful story in Asia. This successful evolved way to make eCommerce is growing and will be developed all the year long to modify “shoppers” mentality all around the world. Something more mature will certainly emerged in 2020 and later.

Three effective takeaways used efficiently by 3 major companies have illustrated this analyze:

  1. Increases direct sales with video shopping technology. Use new tools to streamline the buyer’s path and make it easy to purchase on social media. Skincare company Dr. Brandt has enabled shopping on their Instagram Stories, Dr. Brandt was able to achieve a 500 percent increase in direct sales.
  2. Uses visual social media content to showcase and sell products. Sharing a range of video—from professional quality to user generated—helps customers make informed purchases without an instore experience. Beauty brand Glossier which has no physical store, and so no in-shop experience estimates that 90 percent of the company’s growth can be attributed to their social media followers.
  3. Shows livestreaming can be the new QVC (Quality, Value, Convenience). The best social commerce recreates the experience of shopping for customers by combining live video, chat, and “see now, buy now” features. L’Oréal make the buzz during last Cannes Film Festival by interviewing celebrities on the red carpet with sales synchronization which were conveniently displayed alongside the video stream.

Hootsuite report recommend to:

  1. Set up shoppable Instagram posts. First, activate an approved business profile. Tag multiple items in one photo so that people can see how your products look together.
  2. Share your products in action. During the products story telling process it’s important to think about the ideal customer and produce quality content that he would like, will be interested and will unlock the shopping pop.
  3. Promote your products with contests. The use of an easy and memorizable hashtag will help your shopper followers to find your content and contest steps.

Building loyal customers, engage them to share “how they love” and use your products is really important to propose high-quality user-generated content from fans. Make a series based on your top-performing content and then repackaged by theme allows retargeting, remarket and re-engage people who have already seen your video like a “pull back” reminder. Using live-broadcast helps also to create “the momentum”, the urgency to buy and recreate the energy of real-life shopping experiences. Next step will be the AR (Augmented Reality) layer, a broad richer online shopper experience with superimposed digital products on real environment. The next missing link between virtual and real shopping experience when you are near of a shop to engage you to buy in.. more to come in 2020,for sure.

Read the official report here to know more. 

This article is based on Hootsuite – social media trends 2019 – report analysis

As you know, Hootsuite is the leader of social media management platform, created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integration for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. On their website they give very good advice on social media evolution and trends.

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