Does creativity investment in Facebook Ads is enough to keep Millennials & Gen Z aboard ?

TOPIC: Increase of of Facebook Ads  is one of the five key social media trends for brands based on Hootsuite’s annual survey of 3.255 users. Download this report here for free.

It’s critical in our 2019 world to maintain high level of creative value in Facebook Ads material. New generation have grown adept at filtering out irrelevant ads, either skimming over or actively using ad blocking tools. Advertising banner is not enough to keep interest, engage and prevent to block it. When you look at the growing price increase of Facebook Ads since the last years, combined to the huge daily level of new users and posts, it’s become crucial to be sure to reach the right target vs investment. Facebook clickthrough rate (CTR) costs have increased 61% in the last year.

Hoostsuite’s report say: “Spotify and Netflix are leading the way with creative social ads that are at once personalized and entertaining, rather than just bland banner ads squeezed into a news feed. The end goal, after all, is to generate user discussion and engagement, rather than simply broadcast an ad at an audience.

Three effective takeaways used efficiently by 3 major companies have illustrated this analyze:
1) Go beyond your product and create ads that inspire your audience.
2) Build on the buzz of upcoming live events by engaging your “superfans” on social media with targeted ads and promoted posts. (See Netflix’s Riverdale promo trailer here)
3) Take advantage of new multimedia ad formats to entertain and inform audiences, instead of just blasting them with ad copy.

Hootsuite report recommend to :
1) Understand and target the right audience.
2) Define your goals and metrics.
3) Invest in high-quality content.

Read the official report here to know more.

This article is based on Hootsuite – social media trends 2019 – report analysis

As you know, Hootsuite is the leader of social media management platform, created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integration for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. On their website they give very good advice on social media evolution and trends.

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